This Etsy fee calculator calculates the amount that will cost you when your product sells, the shipping fees, and the location you charge to your customers.

How to Calculate Etsy Fees

To calculate the fee that is costing you per sale, All you have to do is put all the data in the Etsy calculator, select your payment strategy, and your Etsy costs will begin to figure out itself.

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Revenue: $

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Calculate the Etsy Fee and the cost product.

Types of Etsy Fees Explained

When you sell products on Etsy, There are some different types of fees for the different procedures related to selling and listing. It is better to know them before you run out to an unwanted surprise, below are some necessary types of fees you need to know.

Listing Fee Details

The listing fees mean when you add any product to an Etsy shop, Etsy will charge you $0.20 per listing, and the fee will automatically added to your payment account when the item is listed. The fees promise your listing to stay active for up to four months or until your item is sold.

Transaction Fee Breakdown

To sell any item through Etsy, you will have to pay transaction fees of 6.5% of the total price you charge to your customer, including the shipping fees you charge to your customer, gift wrapping, and customization for any specific product.

Payment Processing Fee Insights

It is the process where you pay the fee for every transaction you do through the Etsy payment system, The fees of Etsy are fixed rate plus a percentage (3%+$0.20) of the total sale, whenever you make a sale Etsy deducts a payment processing fee and rates which vary depending on the location of your bank account, certain markets, and regions. 

Auto Renew Fee Explained

In case your item has not sold within the four months, Etsy will automatically renew your listing fees after the four months at the cost of an additional $0.20 which will reactive your item for the upcoming four months.

Or if it sells under four months it will automatically renew the list again for the same fee of $0.20.

Multiple-Quantity Listing Fee

In the event, That the customer buys more than one item of the same product in a single transaction, Etsy will charge you $0.20 for each item, let’s say you have sold 5 products to a customer you will have pay to $1.00 ($0.20×5=$1.00) for each of the items

Private Listing Fee

If you want to sell an item to your specific customer, Etsy will cost your private sale of  $0.20.

Let us take an Example you have sold a shoe pair for $150, and you make shipping charges for $10, customization or gift wrapping for $5, The Etsy system will take 6.5% of the total cost ($165)  you have charged to the customer, which is equivalents to ($10.72).

Etsy Offsite Ads Fee

Etsy has two types of advertising, one is onsite, second is offsite.

Onsite Ads Cost Clarification

When buyers click on your Etsy listing commercials, you are charged for an on-site advertisement (cost per click). There are no fees related to views or sales. a few outdated articles on the internet say that The price of the click can be bid on, but in reality, there are no cases like this since the Etsy system has changed.

On the overcapacity, The majority of sellers make payments of approximately $0.2-0.5 per click for an Etsy ad.

Offsite Ads Billing Information

Etsy will charge you for each order that is connected to an Offsite Ad if you make use of them. The cost is calculated by how much you made overall and from the sale If your revenue in the last 365 days was less than $10,000, you will be billed 15% percent of all sales made through Etsy’s Offsite Ads program. And if your revenue in the last 365 days was $10,000, or more You will be charged 12% of all sales made through the program.


Etsy fee calculator is One vital resource for sellers maintaining the constantly shifting landscape of online businesses, seller can be knowledgeable about their total cost, revenue, profit margin, fees, and charges by using our Etsy fee calculator, With the help of this calculator, sellers can make decisions on rates and overall business revenue with awareness.