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If you want to be a successful Etsy seller, you must know their stats to bring several numbers of traffic. the point is what matters more? Are they visits or views the answer is both. In this article, we have covered all the main points that every Etsy seller should know to increase their ranking stats.

Difference between Etsy views vs visits

Difference Between Etsy Views vs Visits

The main difference between views and visits on Etsy: The views represent how many times a listing is seen, which shows visibility. Every click a customer makes on a product counts as a “View.” On the other hand, “Visits” represent the total number of sessions a store gets, showing overall interest.

What Are Views?

In essence, Visits reflect the views and it is The overall number of times that a person has seen your listings or products’’ let us also understand it with an example, if a person wants to purchase a showpiece for his room and he visits your store and he clicked at 10 different showpieces each showpiece will count as 1 view which equals to 10 views which means you get 10 views by one visitor. 

What Are Visits?

Nevertheless, Visits represent ‘’the number of people who went to your store or listing’’ Let us understand it with an example, when a person gets an impression of your store then he decides to go to your store, so when he stays in your store that is called Visit

Bonus point, if you want to increase your sales focus on your products that attract customers so that they might purchase two products in place of one.

Why I am Not Getting Views On Etsy?

The Etsy 2023 analysis states that 96.2 million new shoppers joined Etsy in the year 2023. This indicates that as an Etsy seller, now you have to face millions of opponents. If we compare it with the previous year it increases overall by two million new buyers. 

Maybe you are not providing products that people are searching for. All around the world people just want what your product can do for them so if they don’t want what you are offering then it is clear you will not get the views that you wish for.

Most likely, your titles are too lengthy and spammy, which is why you aren’t receiving any views. You keep using the same phrases, which is wasteful and damaging to Etsy’s and Google’s search engine rankings. Take some time to learn about creating tags and titles on Etsy as well as how the search engine functions.

How To Get Views and Visits?

1-If viewers are not coming to your shop then might be your SEO is not working properly therefore people will be unable to find your store.

2- Keep your store updated and fresh Customers will miss you if you’re not upgrading your store or if it seems treated poorly and they will move on. Ensure that your shop is up to date and well maintained as well as you are consistently adding new content.

3- The use of keywords is essential for Etsy SEO and when you are going to name your products don’t just name them whatever comes to your mind, while you are naming ensure that you are using relevant keywords with your product because customers might be searching for what you are offering to them.

Using keywords with names will not boost your sales but it assist you in getting more views on your store because people searching for products like yours will be able to find your store.

Use the keyword research tool that will tell you what keywords are shoppers using when they are looking for any product. Furthermore, the Keyword Tool will offer a list of “Similar Keywords” created from 100 listings. This list is useful for the reason that it provides suggestions for magic keywords that customers are using and it will assist you in increasing Etsy views and visitors. 

4- You should be updating your tags once every 3-4 months. This means researching new tags and adjusting your underperforming listings with new tags and titles.

5- Etsy prefers fresh products, develop a renewal plan for your listings so that you can get back to the top of the spot.

6- Other Etsy sellers could provide strong competition for your items. Understand your competitors and focus on how you might set your items apart to make a difference from other products of sellers.

7- Improper product photography: do not take it lightly good photography plays a role in selling your product Customers will not like to click on your listings if your product photographs are clear and accurately represent your items. 

These seven tips work faster than others, so be sure you are including all of them in order to become a successful seller. these tips will be part of your long-term vision and be patient with the results because great things take time.

These seven tips work faster than others, so be sure you are including all of them to become a successful seller. these tips will be part of your long-term vision and be patient with the results because great things take time.

Bonus: Putting your products in places where people are already searching for them is the easiest method by which to boost the number of views you receive on Etsy.

Marketing And Promotion

Traffic Source: So first of all you need to know there are 2 ways to get traffic on your store first is free traffic and second is paid traffic.

Free Traffic

The fun fact is that inside of free traffic, there are also two different keyways to get traffic to your store. These are ‘’search engine traffic’’  and ‘’social media traffic’’ 

Social media traffic: In the way to get traffic through social apps, you have options such as  Instagram, Facebook,  Reddit, Quora, TikTok, and other platforms whatever comes to your mind and you have to share links to your store or make videos of your products and upload them on social apps where the audience can see.

Search Engine Traffic: Through search engines, you have options such as Google, Etsy, and Pinterest The search engines belong to these three platforms.

Paid Traffic

Paid Promotion: One way you have is to send products to influencers and ask them to promote your products on their social media audience and obviously, they will charge you for promoting.

Etsy Ads: The Etsy ads only show up on Google, either on the search engine or on the Etsy app. and you can set your daily price range through the setting that shows up on the monitor screen.

Offsite Ads: The offsite ads are not shown on Etsy. In essence, Offsite ads promote your products on Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Bing. and you have to pay 15% of revenue when someone makes a purchase.

Free Shipping

Another effective way to increase your sales is to offer customers free shipping, it looks like the shop owner pays the shipping charges but The price of the products actually will involve the shipping charges.


All in all, it is clear that increasing sales, views, and visits are both important to you, and it is up to you what you want to increase first, in this article we have covered all the key ways that work faster than others and these techniques will take you to place where top sellers are living.