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Running an Etsy shop involves constant evolution to stay relevant and attractive in a fast-paced online marketplace. Among the changes you might consider is revamping your shop identity with a new name. However, change Etsy shop name isn’t a casual decision—it’s imperative to grasp Etsy’s policies regarding this matter before you proceed.

A well-thought-out strategy to choose an innovative name, followed by navigating through the update procedure, is crucial. It’s equally essential to effectively communicate this change to your established customer base to avoid miscommunications.

Understanding Etsy’s Policies

Etsy has clear guidelines about changing shop names. It’s important to note Etsy generally allows users to make one shop name change. That means once you’ve altered your shop name, you’ll typically be able to change it again up to 5 times. This policy is implemented to maintain a consistent and reliable shopping experience for customers. Therefore, it’s crucial to think carefully before deciding on a new name for your Etsy shop.

Etsy’s Shop Name Eligibility Requirements

To change Etsy shop name, you need to ensure that the new name adheres to Etsy’s shop name policies. For instance, shop names must not infringe on other brands’ trademarks, cannot include profanity, and must comply with Etsy’s other community standards. Checking for existing businesses with the same shop name can help assure your new shop name doesn’t violate these rules.

Conditions to Change Etsy Shop Name

Last, conditions to change your shop name involve availability. The intended new shop name should not be in use by another Etsy seller. In case the name is taken, Etsy won’t allow the change, and you’ll have to come up with a different name that isn’t currently in use. Also, your shop name cannot include the term ‘Etsy’ or any other terms that may confuse shoppers into thinking that your shop is run by Etsy.

Shop Name Change during Shop Suspension

In the event that your shop is suspended, you may not be able to change Etsy shop name until the issue is resolved. Hence, uphold and engage in ethical business practices to avoid such scenarios.


In conclusion, Etsy’s policies on shop name changes are designed to promote respect, protect intellectual property, and maintain the marketplace’s integrity. In accordance with these rules, carefully consider and plan your shop name change, as this is an irreversible process.

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Choosing a New Shop Name

Step 1: Brainstorm Core Concepts for Your Shop Name

Initiate the process of changing your Etsy shop name by brainstorming potential names. Spend some time to deliberate on the type of products you sell, your target clientele, and your shop’s personality. Try to incorporate these aspects into the new shop name. Ensure the name is catchy, easy to pronounce, and remember, to make it appealing to potential customers.

Step 2: Shortlist Potential Shop Names

From your brainstorming session, shortlist three to five shop names that you think best represent your brand. Keep it unique to set your shop apart from other sellers on Etsy.

Step 3: Check the Availability of Shop Names on Etsy

Once you have a shortlist of potential new names, you will need to check each one for availability on Etsy. Keep in mind that Etsy does not allow two shops to have identical names. To check for availability, log into your Etsy account and navigate to “Your account” > “Settings” > “Info & appearance”. Click on ‘Change’ beside the current shop name, type in your desired name, and click ‘Check Availability’. Remember that Etsy shop names cannot exceed 20 characters, can’t have spaces or punctuation, and cannot violate Etsy’s policies.

Step 4: Determine the Final Shop Name

After confirming the availability of your desired shop names, make the final decision on which one to use. Reflect on your brand’s identity and customer expectations once more just to ensure that your chosen name aligns well with these elements.

Step 5: Proceed to Shop Name Change on Etsy

To change your shop name, go to “Shop Manager” > “Settings” > “Info & Appearance”. Under ‘Shop Info’, click on ‘Change’ next to the current Shop Name. Enter your new shop name in the ‘Shop Name’ field that appears. Double-check for any spelling mistakes, then click ‘Save’. After making this change, Etsy will automatically update your shop’s URL to reflect your new shop name.

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Updating Your Shop Name on Etsy

Navigating to Your ‘Shop Settings’ on Etsy

To begin updating your shop name, sign in to your account on Etsy. From the homepage, identify and click on ‘Shop Manager’, which should be visible on the top right-hand corner of your screen. A drop-down menu will appear, where you have to select ‘Settings.’ Following this, you’ll find an option titled ‘Info & Appearance’ – click on that as well.

Editing Your ‘Shop Name’ Section on Etsy

Within the ‘Info & Appearance’ section, identify the ‘Shop Name’ field. This is the place where your current Etsy shop name is set. You have to click on this field, and it will allow you to change or modify your shop name. Keep in mind that you may only change your shop name five times.

Choosing Your Etsy Shop Name

When considering a new name for your Etsy shop, be aware that it should be unique and cannot currently exist on Etsy. It also must adhere to Etsy’s rules and policies. It is beneficial to choose a name that is reflective of your store and the merchandise you provide.

Saving the Changes to Your Etsy Shop Name

After you’ve entered your new Etsy shop name, locate the ‘Save Changes’ button at the bottom of the page. Double-check your inputs before hitting this button. Once you’ve done so, your new shop name should be live on Etsy. If the name you chose is already in use or doesn’t comply with Etsy’s terms, an error message will pop up, and you will need to select a different name.

Remember, it may take a few moments for the name change to register across the site. Patience is key here, and if you’ve followed all the steps, you’ll successfully update your Etsy shop name, giving your shop a reinvigorated identity.

Illustration of a person using a computer to update their Etsy shop name

Announcing Your Name Change

Planning Your Etsy Shop Name Change Announcement

When you decide to change your Etsy shop name, the first step is to plan how you will disclose this alteration to your existing customers. Failing to communicate this change could lead to confusion and potential loss of business.

Announcing Change Through Email Blast

One of the effective ways to make your announcement is through an email blast. In fact, your email list may be one of the most direct and effective ways to communicate changes in your business. You can design an eye-catching email template, clearly specify the changes, and share the reason for the shift in your shop identity. Remember, providing a reason can be essential in maintaining trust and transparency with your customers.

Using Social Media

Social media platforms can be another great avenue for disseminating news about your Etsy shop name change. Update your shop details across all your social media platforms (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) to reflect the new shop name. Craft and push out content explaining the name change and potentially even run a promotion or special offer to encourage your followers to check out the “new” shop.

Creating a Post on Your Shop’s Page

In addition to email and social media, don’t forget to create a post detailing the change directly on your Etsy shop’s page. Feedback from the Etsy community suggests putting up a shop update, a new listing associated with the name change or temporarily placing a statement in your shop’s banner. You can also alter your shop’s “About” section to include information about the name change.

Keeping Communication Open and Consistent

Lastly, ensure that the language you use to describe your name change is consistent across all of your communication efforts. This includes not only what you’re saying, but also the look and feel of your communications and visual identity. A cohesive message will make it clear to your customers that while your name might have changed, they can still expect the same quality of goods and service that they have come to know and love.

Image of a person holding a sign with the words 'Etsy Shop Name Change'

Remember, a shop name communicates not just your business’s identity, but the essence of your brand. Therefore, your chosen name should be a representation of your unique selling proposition, resonate with your customers, and stand out in the sea of Etsy shops. After implementing the name change, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your loyal customers stay updated and informed, fostering continued support. Let your name change be the beginning of an exciting new chapter for your Etsy shop!